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  • 1Well-organized Internal Structure - Repairing Made Easy

    Well-organized internal structure can save you time on repairing the products. Plus, we can offer you free replacement parts within the 5 year warranty.

  • 2Secondary Lens - Triple The Light Intensity

    Secondary 90-degree focusing lens is designed to maximise the useful light output of the LED, giving more intensity for plant growth. It does good to the plants that prefer stronger light intensity, particularly cannabis.

  • 3Built-in Fans - Maximize 15% Heat Dissipation

    Built-in fans with dust-shield inner layer design can increasingly improve lifespan, durable enough to last 70,000+ hours.


  • Cannabis
  • Indoor Growing
  • Hydroponics
  • Horticulture
  • Grow Lights For Cannabis

    Cannabis is a plant that needs over 12 hours of light each day for inducing blooming. Spectrum within PAR area (400-700nm) and UV-A, UV-B, IR, etc, can expedite growth cycle and increase yield. In order to grow at its best - greater flower dry weight and a higher concentration of THC, CBD, THCV and CBG, ultra-wide spectrum inside LED is your second to none option.

    Our grow lights apply spectrum within red and blue PAR ranges to improve the photosynthetic efficiency of the plants. You will get better yields and shorter cycle time.

  • Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

    Different indoor plants need various amount of light. Sun-loving crops will need the high-output LED grow lamps turned on for 14 to 20 hours per day. Crops such as tomatoes, peppers, strawberries need sunlight for 6 to 8 hours per day.

    Don't let the weather keep you from harvesting fresh vegetables and fruits year-round. With the adequate amount of light, you can grow your own fruits, vegetable indoors.

    indoor growing
  • Grow Lights For Hydroponics

    The technology of hydroponics allows any kind of plants, especially leafy greens, to be grown in nutrient-rich water. Leafy Greens refer to a variety of plants, including lettuce, microgreens, herbs, and specialty leafy vegetables. They prefer cooler temperatures, making them fall and winter crops. However, sunlight is not adequate during these season resulting in longer harvest time.

    Vipple helps you establish consistent year-round yields. LED grow lights mimic the sunlight and enable greenhouses to supplement natural daylight during the shorter winter days and adjust to changes in local weather.

  • Grow Lights For Horticulture

    Plants that live in low light conditions will be at high risk of increasing in blindness, stretching and having smaller flowers with thinner stems

    Vipple grow lights emit enough needed light for plants. You will benefit from healthier plants with lower levels of stalk branches, more balanced leaves and sturdy flowers.



  • full spectrum icon

    Full Spectrum

    Full spectrum will go a long way for your plant growth. It improves crop quality, shortens harvest times, and provides an ideal work environment for pest management.

  • energy efficiency icon

    Energy Efficiency

    Save energy and increase yields. Using our products can save you more 50% energy cost, and give you over 60% more photons per watt for planting than conventional lighting.

  • optimal lighting layout icon

    Optimal Lighting Layout

    Ceramic LEDs covered with secondary optic allows for great light penetration and uniformity. It helps you produce consistent, highest quality crops.

  • built to last icon

    Built To Last

    Excellent thermal management keeps LEDs cool and ensures a long life. Top performing LEDs last 50,000 hours so you don’t need to worry about frequently replacing bulbs.

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Additional Values

  • You can custom light spectrum, packaging design and component brand.
  • You are entitled to free technical support for any Vipple product for the specified warranty​ period.


No need to worry about limited lighting conditions in your greenhouse or indoor grow facility. We define a customized lighting plan based on your desired production outcome, for optimal lighting distribution and plant growth.

To help your business achieve production goals, we will offer:
  • • Crop-specific recommendations
  • • Tailor wavelengths for better photomorphogenic responses
  • • The number of luminaires and their positioning in regard to the plants


Vipple Series is designed for use in applications that require extreme reliability and long life under the harshest conditions. We implement an array of tests and check out all stages of the manufacturing Process. Products and their components have been verified by UL & ETL & CE & RoHs & FCC.

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