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Understanding the principles of nature can help you create an ideal environment for cannabis growth. Light Spectrum is a significant factor that cannot be ignored.

  • Germination – Full Spectrum Away From Stretching.

    Good germination can give your
    plants a strong head-start towards success. Full spectrum lights will help keep the seedlings from stretching once they germinate. Red lights can help promote germination.

  • Seedling Stage –
    Green Light For More Natural Color Of Leaves

    Plants are susceptible to disease at this stage, requiring the most care. By adding right amount of green lights
    we enable plants to appear more natural and green, while just adding red and blue light tend to make plants look dark or purple.

  • Vegetative Stage –Blue Light For Healthy Leaves With More Cannabinoids

    During the vegetative stage, it is recommended to aim for growing
    slim and compact, with big healthy leaves. Blue light has an impact on how stems and leaves tend to grow.
    It prevents excessive stretching and helps develop more and bigger
    flowers with a higher THC/CBD

  • Flowering Stage – Red Light For Giant Buds

    At this stage, growers' main focus switches to the production of the
    buds for their high economic
    benefits. Exposing them to the
    higher amounts of red can help promote budding and give high amount of dry flower weight.


Tailored Solutions For Optimal Cannabis Production

Premium quality and bigger yield crops need a considerate lighting plan and light strategy. Our team of cannabis specialists are ready to help you to create a customized lighting strategy, including spectrum, the quantity of the needed lights, the recommended height to adjust, etc.

All you need to do is contact us, tell us your request, and we will deploy our proven approach to turn your challenges into solutions and your growing
goals into executable plans.

Worry Free Usage With Safety Regulatory Compliance

Vipple LED grow lights are produced with the highest attention to quality, safety and performance from design to production.

Our products meet the requirements of the latest international safety standards, including CE, RoHs, UL, ETL etc. You don't need to worry about
the product quality, as you are backed by an international safety certification organization.

30% Increase In Yield , 20% Reduction In Growth Cycle

Spectra and light source play a vital role to better harvest and less harvest time. Vipple's spectra have gone through years of testing for their effect on the cannabis plant - 30% increase in yields, 20% reduction in growth cycle.

• Broad Spectrum - Steer Your Plant Growth And Flavor.
By carefully controlling the ratios of red light, blue light, UV, and IR on cannabis growth, we offer you the proper spectra to steer your plant growth and flavor.

• Light Source - Ensure Consistency, Reliability Of All LEDs.
We use ceramic packaged LEDs from reputable suppliers to ensure the light source quality. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is used when mounting and soldering the LEDs onto a printed circuit board. That will ensure consistency, reliability and light intensity of all LEDs.

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